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Weekend Rumblings - News for July 29, 2017

Tick, tick, tick, to the trade deadline.

Seattle Mariners v Kansas City Royals Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for July 29, 2017

Dayton Moore says he has nothing in the works right now, but things could change quickly.

“We really like our team,” Moore told The Star on Thursday. “We feel that this current group has the ability to compete and win in our division, and go deep in the playoffs. I believe in this group. Do I think our roster can be improved upon? Of course.”

Put David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City as a firm “no” on Francisco Liriano.

His 5.99 ERA is in line with his 5.61 DRA and he’s making more than $13 million this year, which means he still has nearly $5 million owed to him. I just don’t see the point after they’ve picked up Cahill. If they feel the need to get another starter, I totally get it, but they need to be looking at guys like Lance Lynn, Jhoulys Chacin or a longer-term type like Dan Straily. It’s not that Lynn or Chacin are great or that Straily or even a Sonny Gray are attainable, but I don’t see the value in giving up anything, and that includes money, for a guy like Liriano. I’m just thankful there haven’t been any Mike Pelfrey rumors.

The writers at Baseball Prospectus evaluate the Trevor Cahill deal for the Royals.

Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs has written wonderfully about Cahill’s ability to get hitters to chase out of the zone. This is true! His curveball has been a bit of a difference-maker, and it seems as if the quality of his pitching could be sustainable, at least in the near term. DRA sees him not just as a solid starter, but as a very good one. Cahill’s 2.63 DRA puts him in Chris Archer/Zack Greinke territory, but you have to balance that against the fact that he's thrown just a little over 60 innings this season.

This performance could be the result of a solid run, but it's kind of out of whack with the rest of his career (save the sparkly ground-ball rate) and he’s a pitcher with a laundry list of injuries. We have to be cognizant that regression could be coming and that injuries are certainly coming, but for now the Royals have added a certifiable no. 3 starter to a team that desperately needed one.

Mike Petriello at writes how Eric Hosmer is succeeding by changing his approach.

We pointed out Hosmer was far more effective when he hit the ball to all fields than when pulling it, and his pull percentage has dropped from 37 percent last year to 26 percent since April 26, and just 19 percent over the past 30 days -- the lowest of any AL player.

Interestingly enough, Hosmer has done all this by hitting the ball with less authority. That 43 percent hard-hit rate has dropped to 40 percent since April 26, and just 33 percent over the past month. While hitting the ball hard is the most important thing a hitter can do, Hosmer appears to have found a nice middle ground, trading some exit velocity for elevation and location. Since hard-hit balls on the ground don't help him, this is better.

Vahe Gregorian writes there will be many considerations for the Royals before making a trade.

But any more substantial move will be challenged by their formula for investing in a big purchase: the perceived tangible on-field value of a potential new Royal; the acquisition cost; the demeanor and personal fit and drive of a new player; and the intangible of what might be lost in the clubhouse with a player who’s demoted or let go.

That’s because the special chemistry and camaraderie you see on the field is a precious commodity to the Royals.

Royals fans are going nuts about Mike Moustakas possibly breaking the franchise single-season home run record.

The Royals announce post-season ticket opportunities for non-season ticket holders.

Is Eric Hosmer a candidate to reach 3,000 hits someday?

The A’s are holding firm for a top prospect from the Yankees for Sonny Gray.

The position players that could be moved this weekend.

Marlins infielder Martin Prado has knee surgery.

The Mariners re-acquire Erasmo Ramirez from the Rays.

Does MLB have a cocaine problem?

The new CBA will penalize big spenders by bumping them back in the draft.

Is Tim Tebow a legit prospect now?

Trends on free agent spending on hitters.

What would you tell a fan from 1987 about the game today?

The Ravens signed a quarterback who had negative passing yards in college.

The Chiefs report to camp.

Why “selling out” is fading as a slur against musicians.

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