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Royals Rumblings - News for July 3, 2017

Hey now, you're an All Star Final Five selection.

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Royals Rumblings - News for July 3, 2017

Jason Vargas is excited about being an All-Star in Miami, where his MLB career began.

"It's a nice coincidence that it's in Miami," Vargas said. "It would have been nice anywhere. Getting recognized among the best players in the game is special. I'd be foolish to say I didn't think about this."

Vargas, if he starts the game, can't wait to have his batterymate, Perez, to pitch to.

"That would be icing on the cake," Vargas said.

Salvy is in it to win it.

"Everyone is special," Perez said. "As soon as we start the season, this is something we play for. We’re going to enjoy it, have fun and try to win the game."

Danny Duffy is lobbying for Moose.

The Royals don’t know if Matt Strahm will need knee surgery for his torn patellar tendon.

"I felt it really bad on that chopper over my head," Strahm said. "I jumped up and felt it, and then I couldn't power off it."

Strahm was walking around the clubhouse Sunday morning without a pronounced limp.

"I'm just trying to manage the pain right now," Strahm said.

Strahm, 2-5 with a 5.45 ERA, said he has dealt with tendinitis in that knee for quite some time.

"I get it on and off," Strahm said. "Something I dealt with this spring, and it flared up again.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City thinks about who the Royals might target as buyers.

I don’t see the Royals upgrading any of their current starting position players. You can kick and scream all you want about it, but other than maybe designated hitter, I have a hard time seeing them look to make a change. What I could see them targeting is a fourth outfielder who can cover center field. Rajai Davis is the first name to come to mind, but he’s having a pretty horrible season with the A’s. Other names include Ezequiel Carrera, Juan Lagares (if he gets healthy) and yes, Jarrod Dyson. Can you imagine how happy Dyson would be if the Royals traded back for him? The market is obviously still developing, so it’s hard to say who will actually be available, but that and middle relief are the two spots I could see the Royals targeting hard as "buyers."

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe quotes a Royals official on where they stand as trade season approaches.

"We’re constantly evaluating where we are, but right now we feel we have a chance to take the division," said the official. "Our core players are all playing well right now. If that changes, we have time to make that change, but we’re proceeding like we’re in this to win."

Donnie Dewees and Scott Blewett are mentioned in Fangraph’s Fringe Five prospects.

Aaron Judge does not care for bad pitches.

Joey Votto owes Zack Cozart a donkey.

Clint Frazier's first MLB home run brought his mom to tears.

David Price has a problem with Red Sox TV analyst Dennis Eckersley.

The Commissioner sends out a memo to teams assuring them the ball is not juiced.

The relievers who gained or lost the most trust in one year.

Dodgers first baseman Ike Davis could become a pitcher, like his father.

Jeff Sullivan at Fangraphs argues that technically, baseball is more boring this year.

How to look beyond ERA.

Jeff Horn defeats Manny Pacquiao in a controversial decision.

Germany wins the Confederation Cup.

Legal recreational marijuana comes to Las Vegas.

Coming of age with The Legend of Zelda.

Here are the kids movies that probably gave you nightmares.

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