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Amazon’s Alexa allows you to hear Rex Hudlerisms

Now your life is complete.

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MLB: Kansas City Royals at Los Angeles Angels Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Artificial personal assistant devices are becoming more common in homes, performing tasks such as playing music, turning the lights on and off, and answering any dumb question you may have off the top of your head.

But what has really been missing, is the homespun advice from Royals television broadcaster Rex Hudler. Well no more. Someone has developed a new “skill” for Amazon’s “Alexa” that will allow you to get actual, real-life sayings from “Wonder Dog” himself. Once the skill is enabled, simply ask Alexa, “"Alexa, ask Uncle Hud to tell me something".

Here is a short demonstration.

Existing quotes in the database are here (THESE ARE ACTUAL THINGS REX HUDLER HAS SAID!). You can submit new quotes here.

Thanks to Royals Reddit for bringing this wonderful innovation to my attention and making my life complete.