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Game LXXXV: Royals at Dodgers

Friends become enemies for a weekend

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Royals and Dodgers have had a pretty good week.

Kansas City has yet to lose a game this week, while Los Angeles has went 3-1.

But more importantly, both teams had players up for an online vote to see who gets to participate in an exhibition game during their time off.

Those players being Mike Moustakas and Justin Turner, both third basemen for their respective clubs. A partnership was only natural.

And it led to some pretty funny hi-jinx

And ultimately led to this

But that is all ancient history, because our old friends are now our foes. At least for this weekend. Then we are friends again. Well, maybe not come late October. You know, we'll just play it by ear.

Here are the lineups for tonight's Royals edition of dumb NL baseball, taking place at Dodger Stadium for the first time since 2003: