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Game 119 Thread: Royals vs Athletics

Four straight, anyone?

Kansas City Royals v Oakland Athletics Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

So, I’m not sure why you would be an Oakland Athletics fan at this point.

Just across the bay are the San Francisco Giants, with a nice stadium, lots of recent history, and the money to pay the big names to play for them. The Athletics, on the other hand, play in the dumpiest dump of stadiums, have no money at all, and haven’t won a game in the ALCS since 1992. Moneyball GM Billy Beane deals his players as soon as they have value and are entering arbitration. This happens every year.

And, oh yeah, the Athletics are on track for their third straight 90+ loss season. Yay! I guess five years ago, though, A’s fans were saying the same about Kansas City, subbing St. Louis for San Fran. So it goes.

Anyway, the Kansas City Royals, vanquishers of the A’s in the Wild Card Game, will look to expand their winning streak to four consecutive games tonight. Their offense is on a roll, as they have scored five or more runs in five of the last six games.

Stepping to the mound for Kansas City is Luke Hochevar Jason Hammel. Starting for Oakland is Chris Smith.

Let’s out-athletic the Athletics.