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Sporcle Friday: Managers hired since Ned Yost took over the Royals

Boom, Yosted.

Kansas City Royals v Detroit Tigers Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Ned Yost has been criticized, lambasted, and ridiculed. Many on this website have called for him to be fired, a sentiment not that unpopular among many Royals fans. He has been called “The Dunce” in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. President Obama even called out the hastag “Yosted” when the team visited the White House.

But Ned Yost has persisted, winning the most games in Royals history, two pennants, and a championship. If he sticks around one more year, he will break into the top 50 of all managers in baseball history for wins.

Since Ned Yost was hired by the Royals on May 13, 2010, there have been 47 full-time managers hired in baseball. This does not include interim managers, unless those interim managers were named full-time managers and given the reins for a full season. Of the 47 managers hired since Ned Yost took over the Royals, how many can you name?