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Game 122 Thread: Cleveland vs. Royals

Can Kansas City bounce back?

Not racist even a little bit, nope

Allow me to pontificate for eight seconds here in the pregame, where I’m not entirely sure anybody reads in its entirety anyway (why would you when there’s the juicy comment section below), but in the wake of recent events I think that we can all agree that Chief Wahoo is the most aggressively racist logo in American anything today.

I mean, Jesus. Just look at him. Take a good, hard look at him and continue to stare for a few minutes. It’s uncomfortable. It’s like he’s staring into your soul, preparing to send you to Oklahoma or something.

Ok, so maybe you’re accustomed to his visage on Cleveland Indians baseball hats for years and it’s hard to see the symbol for what it is, and as someone who spent his single-digit age days in the Land of Cleve himself that’s totally understandable.

But let’s take a look at what a slightly expanded and modified Wahoo looks like and, yep, holy God-crusted salmon flakes it’s so awful:

my eyes are peeling off as I type this

Are all Indians players and staff racist, therefore? No. Neither are the fans, inherently, for rooting for the team. I think it’s ridiculous that Chief Wahoo should necessarily get in your way of rooting for the team. Don’t get crazy.

But still, for the love of anything good left in this world let’s all realize just how horrifically terribly racist Chief Wahoo is. God. Just. No. It has no place anywhere. Dumpsters are too good for how awful it is.

(Native Americans especially hate it, which makes sense, because JUST LOOK AT HIM)

Moving on. Lineups! Lineups are fun. Jason Vargas pitches for the Royals...

...and Trevor Bauer pitches for Cleveland.