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Videos of all your favorite Royals prospects in one place

Easy access to videos of Royals prospects

San Francisco Giants v Kansas City Royals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Rather than scrolling all over the internet, searching for video of your favorite Kansas City Royals prospects, I have made one place where you can easily access video (mainly from YouTube) on most players in the Royals system. They are split up into two spreadsheets (one for hitters, one for pitchers) and hold links to each video.

I was able to find video on most players. Some video is better than others (quality, year, length, etc.), but I tried to find the best sample for each player. I also placed the year the video was made, as some videos go as far back as 2013.

I may add in grades and velocity reports later. Please let me know any suggestions in the comments.



Also, for those who have a further interest in the minor leagues, Daren Willman is adding in scouting reports and videos for Top 30 prospects on