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Royals not very creative in nicknames for “Players Weekend”

At least try, guys!

Major League Baseball will allow players to let their hair down and have some fun in “Players Weekend” from August 25-27, where players will wear non-traditional uniforms. The uniforms will feature nicknames, rather than last names, allowing players to show some creativity.

However, if you know baseball players, you know that they are not exactly creative in coming up with nicknames. Sure, baseball history is filled with cool names like “Cool Papa” Bell, “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, and Bob “Death to Flying Things” Ferguson, but modern baseball players just shorten their last name and add a “y” to the end. “Alcides Escobar” becomes “Esky.” How clever.

So while there are a few clever nicknames for the Royals - “Melk Man” for Melky Cabrera, “Maurer Power” for Brandon Maurer, many other names fall a bit flat. And some flat out didn’t try.

I mean, c’mon Ian Kennedy!

Salvy’s nickname “El Nino” is Spanish for “the boy.” Whit Merrifield explained that “Whit Bird” is a nickname from his youth, although couldn’t he have given “Two-Hit Whit” a try? “Bear” is Danny Duffy, a reference to his bear suit. “The Don” is probably a reference to Drew Butera’s Italian heritage, or perhaps even his allegiance to President Trump? Eric Hosmer will forgo “Hos” in favor of “Papo”, a Spanish term for endearment. Peter Moylan has become popular with his “Sledge-iatto” espressos, and his “Sledge” nickname couples nicely with Jason Hammel’s “Hammer.” The rest of the names you can probably figure out.

Game-worn, Players Weekend jerseys will be auctioned off with proceeds going to the MLBPA Youth Development Foundation. Players will also wear special patches, and every player will list a person that helped them become a Major Leaguer on that patch. You can also purchase replica Players Weekend jerseys, caps, and other gear.

Other players around baseball were a bit more creative.

What would your Players Weekend nickname be?