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Royals lose by a lot again

This loss? To the worst team in the American League.

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Kansas City Royals
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

There isn’t much of a point to writing an in-depth recap of this game.

Jason Hammel dug the Royals a 5-0 hole for the Royals by the end of the fourth. The White Sox scored two in the first, one in the second, and two in the fourth. Hammel spent 85 pitches to collect ten outs. If you do the quick math in your head, that’s 3.1 innings.

Generally, that’s not good enough.

Shortly after he ceded the bump to his compatriots in the pen, things got worse.

The Royals pieced together a three-run rally in the fifth to cut the gap to just 5-3.

It didn’t matter.

After a solid 1.1 innings from Peter Moylan, The Moyl moved over for Ryan Buchter, and with a little help from Mike Moustakas erring at third, the Padres’ bullpen that Dayton Moore acquired at the trade deadline imploded yet again. Buchter got tagged for three runs, two of which were earned, in 0.1 innings.

Not good.

Buchter gave way to Brandon Maurer. Maurer recorded two outs while only giving up three runs.

More not good.

Channeling the spirit of a mediocre A-ball team in way over its head facing Major League Baseball teams multiple times a week is sort of this team’s thing. This team with a misplaced hope of reaching the playoffs got blown out by the worst team in the American League, evening their season series at seven games apiece, lending further credence to an obvious truth: this team should not make the playoffs. It would be an insult to every playoff team that has preceded them.

The Royals lost 11-3. Is this season over yet?