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Game 144 Thread: White Sox v Royals

Random day game—thanks, U2!

Chicago White Sox v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

With the season grinding to a halt, the mediocrity of the cabal of Wild Card contenders giving an illusion of interest for the rest of the year, we’re left with few individual things to root for.

Eric Hosmer is hitting almost .330, but everyone’s favorite tiny man, Jose Altuve, is running away with the batting crown. Kansas City has no singular Cy Young candidate or emerging star pitcher. There are precious few top prospects here in September that we’re seeing for the first time (zero, actually).

But the home run record! Mike Moustakas is on track to break it. His next home run will, in fact, break the Royals’ single-season home run record of 36.

Thanks to the U2 concert at Arrowhead tonight (bumping the game to the afternoon) and Moustakas’ lingering knee injury, however, it will not be today. Rather, we will see Cheslor Cuthbert at third base.


So here is the sad, Mooseless lineup with a man named Sam Gaviglio starting. The Royals desperately need to go on a big winning streak if they want to stay in it.

And the White Sox lineup: