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Royals Rumblings - News for September 21, 2017

Don’t go hanging any dongs on your way to the parking lot, Moose.

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Toronto Blue Jays
37 dongs.
Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Let us not bury the lede: Mike Moustakas now holds the Royals’ record for home runs in a season.

"It was kind of after I came in and everyone was giving me hugs and saying congratulations is kind of when it really sunk in," Moustakas said. "It was pretty special to be able to hit that and then come in and share that with all my teammates, all the guys I've spent 10-plus years with. It's definitely an awesome feeling and that's something I'm definitely going to remember for the rest of my life."

After the win, Yost reflected on what it meant to have such a central figure to recent Royals history set such a prominent record. Moustakas was drafted by the Royals in 2007, and is now in his seventh Major League season.

"These guys here, they're going to leave such a legacy on this team," Yost said. "World champions, All-Stars, Gold Glovers, All-Star [Game] MVPs, World Series MVPs. They've all accomplished so much. A part of this group being the new leader for home runs in a year, I think just adds on to everything else."

The former record holder has some words:’s Tracy Ringolsby sits down with the former record-holder for a quick Q&A.

BP KC’s David Lesky looks to a future without Lorenzo Cain:

The options are typical for any internal need. They can either use their farm system/current team, make a trade or sign a free agent. Two centerfielders on the free agent market would likely give the Royals at least some semblance of what they need defensively. Carlos Gomez (3) and Jarrod Dyson (7) both rate positively defensively in the OAA category. Gomez will be far more expensive than Dyson because he’ll likely give you a lot more offense, but they’re certainly possibilities.

If you’re looking at trades, it’s reasonable to assume Jake Marisnick could possibly be had from Houston, though I don’t know how the two teams match up. Marisnick has been worth five outs above average this year, and while he hasn’t made a single five star play, he’s made almost all the rest. You could also dream on Juan Lagares actually staying healthy. He’s been worth four outs above average and has made pretty much all the non-five star plays. Other than that, you’re looking at Michael Taylor or Raimel Tapia types, which wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, but wouldn’t be the best either.

BP KC’s Colby Wilson waxes ecstatic about the Royals explosion and Mike Moustakas’s club-record-breaking 37th dong.

Raúl Mondesí’s dad was sentenced to prison in the Dominican.

How might the Jason Kipnis in center experiment go?

Luis Severino’s the third-best pitcher in the AL?

BP’s Patrick Dubuque likens the career of Bartolo Colón to that of Bill Clinton. Also at BP, Aaron Gleeman looks at how the Twins might measure up to other most improved teams in the post-Expansion Era.

Chris Sale notched strikeout number 300 this season:

Pants explode in New Zealand.

If you saw Season One of The Good Place (If you haven’t, what the hell is wrong with you? Watch it, dork.), you should totally watch this.

Is there anything funnier than a newsman losing it?

Like brothers? You’ll love The National.

This French chef wants Michelin to take their damn stars back.

The song of the day is “Long Flight” by Future Islands: