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Game 154 Thread: White Sox vs. Royals

Going through the motions

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Chicago White Sox Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

So, there have been probably a dozen different games this season in which the Kansas City Royals were declared ‘dead.’ Some were in the dreadful April. Some in mid-July after a five-game losing streak. Many more in August and September as the Royals undulated their way in and out of contention.

But I think last night’s thoroughly embarrassing loss, a one-run game in which the Royals ran into three outs on the basepaths in the second half of the game, was the final nail in the coffin. Not only was it an easily winnable game, but the loss combined with the Minnesota Twins’ victory that same night more or less finalized the Royals season.

The Royals have nine games left, and are back 4.5 games from the Twins. The Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels are also ahead of the Royals in the standings.

At this point, the Royals would have to win out, hope the Twins suck, and also hope that the Rangers or Angels don’t go on a tear of their own.

It’s not gonna happen.

Alas, there should be some fun baseball tonight. Danny Duffy is pitching, and the Royals are rolling out a lineup that includes all their starters. Each additional home run that Mike Moustakas hits will be a new Royals single-season record, and Eric Hosmer is 16 hits away from getting to 200 this year.

Let’s just say that, while the season may be over, the fun isn’t yet.

Royals lineup:

White Sox lineup: