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2018 Royals Gamethreads

NLCS Game 7 Open Thread: Los Angeles Dodgers at Milwaukee Erstwhile Royals

One of these teams will go home after tonight

Championship Series Open Thread

Two games!

Game CLXI Thread: Cleveland at Kansas City

Only two more games to go

Game CLIX: Royals v. Indians

The Royals need to avoid a sweep to stay out of the record books

Game 158 Thread: Royals vs. Reds Finale

What a weird start time

Game CLIV Thread: Royals at Tigers

As the season draws to a close, so does the career of a terrific major leaguer.

Game CLII: Royals at Tigers

Jorge Lopez (ribs) is expected to start

Game 152 Thread: Royals vs. Pirates Finale

Insert emotion here

Game Thread 151: Royals at Pirates

Skoglund vs Taillon.

Game CXL Thread - The Royals of Kansas City versus the Pirates of Penzance—er, Pittsburgh

Game CXLVIII Thread: Twins at Royals

The Royals are fun again! Hooray!

Game CXLVI: Royals v. Twins

One last series against the Twins

Game 145 Thread: White Sox v Royals Season Finale

Until next year, Chi-town.

Game Thread 144: White Sox at Royals

Bradley Keller on the bump.

Game CXLVI Thread - The White Socks of Chicago versus the Royals of Kansas City

Game 139 Thread: Royals vs Cleveland Finale

The series—but not season—finale

Royals vs. Indians Tuesday open thread

Will the Royals ever lose again?

Game CXXXVII Thread - The Royals of Kansas City go to Cleveland

Game 135 Thread: Orioles v Royals

Battle of the least worst

Game 133 Thread: Tigers vs. Royals

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel

Game Thread 131: Tigers at Royals

Junis has had success against Detroit this season.

Game CXXX Thread: Cleveland at KC

The Royals are likely to be Klubbed

Game CXXIX: Royals v. Indians

This might not be pretty

Game Thread 126: Royals at Rays

Sparkman makes his second start.

Game CXXV Thread - The Royals of Kansas City versus the Devil Rays of St. Petersburg

Game CXIII: Royals at White Sox

It’s a battle of Rule 5 draft picks!

Game CXXII: Royals at White Sox

Big Game James is back in town

Blue Jays vs. Royals Wednesday open thread

Looks like a short delay.

Game Thread 119: Blue Jays at Royals

Fillmyer looks to continue his success.

Game CXVIII Thread - The Blue Jays of Toronto versus the Royals of Kansas City


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