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2018 Royals Spring Training

Game Thread XXVI: Giants at Royals

The first base tree is growing.

The Opening Day roster is coming into focus

Pretty good chance it will be 25 baseball players.

Spring Training Game XXII Thread: Rangers at Royals

The runs still don’t count.

Spring Training Game 19 Thread: Cubs vs. Royals

Kansas City takes on Ben Zobrist, Blaise Royal, and the Chicago Cubbies.

Spring Training Game Thread XVIII: Athletics at Royals

Back to the regular one game a day thing.

Royals Spring Training Games 16 & 17 Open Thread

Spring Training Gamethread XIV: Royals at Diamondbacks

Moose still isn’t quite officially back

Royals-Brewers spring training open thread

LoCain? No Cain

Spring Training Game Thread X: Padres at Royals

Under the lights.

Which Royals are out of options, and what does that mean?

Who will be riding the I-29 express to Omaha?

Royals vs. Reds spring training Sunday gamethread

Which team will be worse this year?

Royals Spring Training Gamethread VIII:

Good thing that’s a spring lineup

Spring Training Game 5 Thread: Royals vs Reds

Eric Skoglund gets the start.

Spring Training Game Thread IV: Mariners at Royals

Erick Mejia for Cactus League MVP

Spring Training Game Thread III: Royals at Giants

Hopefully this one won’t tie........

Spring Training Game Thread I: Dodgers at Royals

It’s heeeee-eeeeeeere!

Predict the Royals’ 2018 Opening Day roster

Will there be a certain All-Star first baseman?

What to know about 2018 Royals spring training

It feels....incomplete.

Meet your non-roster invitees to Royals spring training

Get a program!

Royals Release Spring Training Schedule

Days until pitchers and catchers report: 84!


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