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2018 Series Previews

St. Louis Cardinals series preview: Provel in polyester

New York Highlanders series preview: Here we are, born to be kings, we’re the princes of the universe

St. Petersburg Devil Rays series preview: The Red Army comes to Kansas City

Putin’s henchmen come to sink the Royals’ ship

Cleveland series preview: Same old guys

Baltimore Orioles series preview: A worse team than the Royals?

Another team that isn’t tanking in the midst of a nightmare season

Tigers Series Preview: These guys again?

For the third time already, these two teams will match up.

Boston Red Sox series preview: This could get ugly fast

Best team in the AL versus the worst?

Chicago White Sox series preview: The fight for last place rages on

If a series falls in the woods and no one sees it, did it happen?

Milwaukee Brewers series preview: Cain comes around

Just flash those pearly whites, Lorenzo. Just one more time.

Detroit Tigers series preview: Still probably bad

These guys again

Toronto Blue Jays series preview: Avoid getting Smoaked

At least there won’t be any postponements. (edit: oops!)

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim preview - It’s Ohtani’s world; we’re just living in it

What is happening?

Seattle Mariners series preview: Servais’s men

They are who you think they are?

Cleveland series preview: Protests and division champs

All Central, all the time

Detroit Tigers series preview - Bad meets bad

It can always get worse.

White Sox series preview: A tale of two rebuilds

Two teams eyeing the future.