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Royals Review writers finalize blockbuster Rumblings trade

A stunning trade in an exciting MLB offseason

The Creamery Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Kansas City, Missouri and Los Angeles, California - In the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, January 11, another high-impact trade was completed in this truly exceptionally exciting Major League Baseball offseason. Ben Crowsenthal broke the news, citing anonymous sources, that the Royals Review editors Max Rieper and Josh Duggan had completed a one-for-one trade from the Wednesday morning Royals Rumblings and this Saturday’s Weekend Rumblings.

“It was yet another thrilling move,” pundits from around the SB Nation blogosphere quipped. “It adds to the exciting deals of this offseason, like Jay Bruce and, uh, Doug Fister? And Zack Cozart, I guess.”

Royals Rumblings, the article that is consistently among the most viewed on blog Royals Review, has been an outstanding fixture in the lineup for the past four seasons. So for a trade to occur between two of the three site editors is a big deal.

“It’s a big deal,” said regular commenter BUTTFART in a blog post. “Max’s Rumblings are good ol’ comfort food, but sometimes Old Man Duggan’s Rumblings can include more interesting links and a wider variety in genre among songs of the day. For that to be on the weekend is a bold move.”

Royals Review has received a statement from Max himself. Quote: “It’s a trade!” There has been no quote from Duggan yet.

At press time, it is unclear whether or not the trade includes a mutual option, or whether or not there will be a buyout on off-topic links. At this time, it is also unclear whether the author of this post will go insane before MLB teams begin to make big free agent signings, or whether or not coverage of inane blog happenings will satisfy him until Spring Training.