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Please welcome new writer Alex Duvall

A baseball writer who actually played baseball


Major League teams are sitting on their hands this off-season, with few teams adding to their rosters. That is not the case at Royals Review, where we are always looking to add talent, no matter how harsh the luxury tax penalties are.

Please join me in welcoming Alex Duvall to the writing staff. You may have seen his work at Kings of Kauffman or at Royals Farm Report. He has written about prospects and the minors, but has also written about the big leaguers as well.

“My name’s Alex and I’ve been a Royals fan my entire life. My love for the game of baseball evolved as I got into high school and began to appreciate the intricacies of minor league baseball. After having the opportunity to play college ball at UCM, I started writing about the Royals and eventually helped Patrick Brennan get Royals Farm Report started. I’m looking forward to talking Royals baseball with the fans of Royals Review.”

If anything else, we are beefing up our talent for the Royals Review beer league softball team. We have writers that have been close to the dirt!