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Sporcle Friday: Royals pitchers with multiple 3+ WAR seasons

Pitching is the currency of baseball

MLB: AUG 08 Cardinals at Royals Photo by Nick Tre. Smith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Royals have long prided themselves on pitching, and they have produced a couple of Cy Young winners over time, as well as All-Stars, a World Series MVP-winning pitcher, and a pitcher who hawks a product that helps you get hit in the nuts.

There have been a few one-year wonders on the mound for the Royals (can you believe Darrell May put up a 6 WAR season one year?????) but other pitchers in Royals history have been able to duplicate their success. Of the 24 pitchers in Royals history to put up multiple 3+ WAR seasons, how many can you name?