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A request: How we can use baseball to make a difference

Sports are always there for us, regardless of how we’re doing. That’s what makes them so great.

Sports are special. Royals fans are special. Kansas City is special. Together, they can make the ultimate difference.

Greetings, Royals Review posters. My name is Ryan Landreth. I’m entering my fifth season with this great site as one of the lead game recappers. Anybody who’s familiar with my work knows that each year, Sarah (one of the most famous Royals Twitter personalities) and I put on the Blue & Gold Charity Softball Game, which is a unique event that uses the great game of baseball to help a cancer-struck family.

We’re entering our third year of the event, and this year’s game takes place May 26th at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe. All proceeds go to the Ruder family of Spring Hill, KS, a family of five recently impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

What I’m reaching out to the Internet for, and to my fellow Royals Review community, is for help with things. We’ve set up a Go Fund Me to try and raise a couple hundred dollars for equipment to use on game day, such as game jerseys, water bottles and snacks for players, and bats and gloves. The link to the campaign is here: LINK

If this is something that you, as a Royals Review reader, would be willing to help us with, your gratitude would be appreciated beyond words. If you can’t pledge, share the link or help spread it around to somebody who can. Sarah and I are trying to make any difference we can make, and with a little bit of help from the Kansas City baseball community, we think we can really make this a summer to remember for a family that needs our help.