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The Padres claim their social media accounts posting pictures of Eric Hosmer were hacked

The Russians are messing with the free agent market.

87th MLB All-Star Game Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

There have been rumors swirling around Eric Hosmer with the Padres known to be the most visible suitor for his services. Their owner even came out publicly and admitted they had made him a “creative” offer that he hoped agent Scott Boras would like.

Well we though it had leaked today that they were about to sign him. An eagle-eyed fan noticed the Padres’ Instagram account was posting pictures of a new player.

Oh, and their Twitter account seemed to be cozying up to Hos and teasing an announcement.

Got something to announce, Padres? Well not so fast. The Padres claim they were subject to internet hijinks.

Was it an over-excited MLB employee? Was it Scott Boras, trying to drive up interest in Hosmer? Was it the Russians? Deep state? A secret society? HOW FAR UP DOES THIS CONSPIRACY GO?????

As of now, Eric Hosmer is still officially a free agent. But stay tuned and keep a close eye on what the Padres are posting on Snapchat.

Update: The Padres blame it on the cyber.