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Lorenzo Cain signs with the Brewers

2010 Major League Baseball Photo Day Photo by Jon Willey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The hot stove, long thought permanently cold, has preheated. Lorenzo Cain has signed a 5-year, $80M deal with the Brewers.

Cain has passed his physical and is expected to be introduced by the Brewers tomorrow.

Cain receiving $80M and five-years is slightly above the consensus expectations. FanGraphs crowdsource and Dave Cameron expected Cain to receive 4/$73M and 4/$68M respectively. Meanwhile, MLB Trade Rumors predicted 4/$70M for Cain.

This authors take is that this deal is...okay for the Brewers. The low AAV ($16M) is doable, but the five years seem a little heavy given where Cain is at on the aging curve and his health. However the winner of the Cain bidding was likely to be the suitor that was willing to go an extra year, and that appears to be the Brewers.

The Royals will receive a compensation pick after the first round since they gave a Qualifying Offer to Cain this winter and he declined it, and the deal is worth over $50 million.

Lorenzo Cain is a future Royal Hall of Famer, and will undoubtedly be underappreciated ten years from now. From 2014-2015, Cain was the fifth best position player in baseball by WAR, and from 2013-2017 was the 22nd best player.