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Royals Rumblings - News for January 30, 2018

Death. Taxes. Alcides Escobar.

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Royals Rumblings - News for January 30, 2018

Dayton Moore was thrilled to have Alcides Escobar back in the fold.

“Alcides is family. We love everything about him.”....

“He’s been crucial to our success,” Moore said. “You can’t win championships unless you have a consistent-performing shortstop day in and day out. … You look at the demands of that position, what it takes physically and mentally to prepare and perform each and every day — it takes a special talent.”

Dayton also remarked on the newest Royals pitcher, Jesse Hahn.

He became available this winter because he was out of options and unlikely to make the A’s opening day roster. Moore said Hahn would compete for a spot in the Royals’ rotation this spring.

“He’s got really good stuff,” Moore said. “He’s had some bad luck with some injuries. He’ll get going, be really dominant. He’s had some setbacks injurywise. But we feel really comfortable.”

Royals Farm Report scouts Heath Fillmeyer, the other pitcher the Royals acquired.

Fillmyer works with a pretty slow, straight-forward, over-the-top delivery. Doesn’t feature a lot of moving parts and it seems easy to repeat. The arm speed looks really good, allowing for a sneaky mid-90s fastball that holds some good sinking action. From what I’ve seen, he commands this pitch really well, having a good feel for both sides of the plate.

Tommy Stokke at FanRag wonders if an Eric Hosmer signing is next.

Colby Wilson at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City doesn’t get the Alcides Escobar signing or rumors of Melky Cabrera returning.

Maybe Raul Mondesi Jr. and one of the Jorge’s won’t pan out and you’ll…be screwed in the same general manner, only while also being on the hook for less money? Only you didn’t signal to the world that Mondesi was a bust and lock yourself into another few months of Melky for reasons that defy all logic. Play the children—letting them languish in Triple-A or spot-start in the majors stunts their growth and will never give you a full read on what you have in them.

Having already signed Esky, the damage is done there. He’s on a short deal, and I’d wager in his heart even he knows he’s probably not terribly good anymore.

Kyle Zimmer is looking for a pain-free season.

”I’d just like to show up to the ballpark and be a normal guy,” Zimmer said. “I understand [injuries] sort of have dictated my career. My goal is to show up and not have to answer questions about my health. But I know to do that I have to prove I can sustain [being injury-free].

”If [other people] get frustrated with my health problems, multiply that by a thousand for me.”

The Brewers landed Lorenzo Cain by offering a fifth year.

Royals first base prospect Chris Devito talks about wearing down last year.

“It was more mental than physical,” DeVito said. “I had never played that many games before. It was more my mind. I got in a pretty bad slump.”

He said he is better prepared to handle the mental grind this season.

Former Royals pitcher Travis Wood signs with the Tigers.

Milwaukee signs reliever Matt Albers.

Ryan Braun could be heading to first base.

Danny Espinosa goes to the Yankees.

How much each team has spent on free agency this off-season.

Ken Rosenthal notes that efforts to improve pace of play could make sign-stealing easier.

The Indians will abandon the Chief Wahoo logo, but not until 2019.

Which last place team from 2017 will make the playoffs this year?

Travis Sawchick thinks slow off-seasons are bad for the game.

The 1991 Super Bowl halftime show was history’s worst.

Blake Griffin is headed to Detroit.

Is Movie Pass here to stay?

Norm MacDonald may be getting a talk show.

The best microadventure in all 50 states.

Your song of the day is Foreigner with Juke Box Hero.