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Royals Rumblings - News for January 9, 2017

Is Lorenzo Cain a $100 million man?

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Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for January 9, 2017

Jim Bowden looks at the best fits for remaining free agents.

2. San Diego Padres The Padres would have to move Wil Myers to left field, but I really like this fit. Hosmer has special makeup and leadership skills, and he understands what it takes in building from scratch and then going all the way to a World Series, which he did twice with Kansas City. He would be a great influence on the young Padres prospects and is young enough to still be in his prime when San Diego is ready to win. This move would be similar to the Washington Nationals signing Jayson Werth before they were ready to win for basically the same reasons.

Scott Boras dismisses reports about offers for Eric Hosmer.

Many fans and analysts view Hosmer as unworthy of the competing seven-year offers he has received, according to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale—$147 million from the Kansas City Royals, $140 million from the San Diego Padres. Boras dismissed the Nightengale report as “inaccurate” without offering further detail. It’s reasonable to assume he wants even more for his player, in both dollars and years.

Over the past seven off-seasons, 12 free agents have signed deals of seven years or longer. Eight of the 12 were entering at least their age 30 seasons at the time; some were even older. Hosmer’s age puts him at an advantage over those players, and Boras wants him compensated accordingly.

Mike Petriello at thinks Lorenzo Cain will age well.

First, he’ll be 32 years old in April, meaning a new club may be signing up for his mid-to-late thirties. Second, as a player best known for elite speed and defense, there’s a few recent examples of defensively talented outfielders signing huge deals, and then providing little return on the investment. Jason Heyward’s struggles are well-known, but detractors might also point to Carl Crawford, Michael Bourn, Jacoby Ellsburyand Melvin Upton Jr. as some regrettable signings.

Fair questions, to be sure, but those aren’t necessarily the same kind of players as Cain. Can we look back through recent history to find better comparables, and see how those players ended up performing? Sure, we can.

Jay Jaffe at Sports Illustrated thinks Cain may be worth more than you think.

At the $10.5 million per win figure, Cain’s five-year forecast produces a valuation of $120 million; at $24 million per year, that would be the sixth-highest average annual value of any outfielder’s contract, fitting in between Mike Trout ($24.083 million and Jason Heyward ($23 million). Again, timing is everything, including the fact that Trout’s AAV includes salaries from his three years of arbitration eligibility. It’s hardly a guarantee that Cain’s deal will go that high, but it could.

Minor league first baseman Ryan O’Hearn talks to Six Man Rotation.

“In college, I was more of a gap to gap guy. I always focused on being able to hit line drives to all fields. So I think as I got older and into the Minor Leagues, I just got stronger and the home runs and doubles happened more.”

“The mindset was a little different in college because of the coaching. The home run wasn’t a huge part of my game or how we won games. When I got to the Royals organization, it was completely different. They wanted me to turn it loose.

Ned Yost’s recovery is ahead of schedule and he will appear at FanFest this month.

“Kids are shooting deer; we’re cleaning deer,” Yost said. “As you can tell, I’m back to my old self.”

The Tigers sign former Royals catcher Brayan Pena.

Jeffrey Flanagan looks at the potential starting lineup.

Clint Scoles at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City has a book about Royals prospects out for the value price of $5, which you can purchase here.

The Astros are talking with the Pirates about Gerrit Cole.

Should Tommy John be in the Hall of Fame?

Ken Rosenthal looks at the reasons the market has been so slow.

The Phillies hire three Kevins to do their radio broadcasts.

The Rangers sign a business deal with the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan.

Matt Garza will have shoulder surgery.

Does Omar Vizquel have a Hall of Fame case?

Alabama won the national championship in overtime, but Central Florida has already declared itself national champs.

Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy is leaving to become the head coach of the Bears.

Investors are pressuring Apple to study the effects of web time on kids.

We may have already lost the satellite SpaceX launched into space.

Dogcoin, a parody cryptocurrency, hits $2 billion for its market cap.

Your song of the day is Franz Ferdinand with Feel the Love Go.