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Royals Rumblings - News for October 11, 2018

2018 Sundance Film Festival - ‘Mandy’ Premiere Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Shockingly the org that can’t develop pitchers and most specifically couldn’t keep Kyle Zimmer healthy to save its life, could actually reap the rewards of letting him work out at Driveline, as Jeffrey Flanagan reports:

The first tangible breakthrough came in late August, when Zimmer fired a baseball over 100 mph.

”That was with some pull-downs and step-behinds and throwing into a net,” Zimmer said, grinning. “But yeah, it felt great. It felt great just to get my body moving like that again. To be that athletic again throwing a baseball, that was the most exciting thing.”

And over the last month, Zimmer has returned to throwing off the mound.

”I’ve been throwing three or four times a week off the mound for about three weeks,” Zimmer said. “I’m having no issues at all. It’s really crazy, because in the past, if I threw one time off the mound, I’d be blown up for days. Now, it’s no soreness at all. No pain. None.”

It’s almost like an org might need its pitchers to, I don’t know, throw in the minors?

Former RR overlord Craig Brown does arbitration gymnastics for this year’s eligible players:

Cheslor Cuthbert

2017 Salary – $573,500

2018 Estimate – $1,100,000

We won’t blame you if you forgot about Cuthbert. He’s missed time over the last couple of seasons with foot, wrist and back issues. And when he’s been in the lineup… Ugh. Let’s just be kind to the infirm and say .215/.278/.313 over the last couple of seasons (and .252/.303/.378 in 830 career plate appearances) doesn’t get the job done.

But the third base spot is up for grabs. Hunter Dozier didn’t play well enough to earn it for next year and there’s no one ready in the wings. The Royals could throw some money at Cuthbert and let him and Dozier battle it out. Plus, this estimate feels high given his injury history and lack of production. But when the estimate is already that low, we’re just quibbling over a couple thousand of dollars.

So apparently there’s this movie Mandy starring Nicolas Cage that is opening to rave reviews in the UK, the Guardian extolling that it is a “fabulously ferocious revenge thriller.” Empire loved it too, starting its review with:

If you’ve been waiting all your life to watch Nicolas Cage set a man on fire, then decapitate him, then light a cigarette using his still-burning severed head, then good news, folks — your ship has come into port, and then some.

Will Leitch runs down each team’s best postseason moments. The Royals’ moment shouldn’t be too surprising.

JJ Cooper writes of Luke Voit, Max Muncy, and Ryan O’Hearn being survivors of college baseball’s recent Dead-Ball Era.

At KoK, Robert Lukenbill posits that “we” (sorry, but I don’t need to do shit) need to find Salvador Pérez’s replacement.

Consequence of Sound’s review of Mandy is pretty effusive, laying down a verdict stating:

Mandy is destined to live forever as a cult favorite, but what’s going to set it apart from so many others is the way in which Cosmatos sustains the emotional stakes of Red’s quest through the entire film. Without them, Mandy would still be a deliriously stylish experiment in transposing the warped visual aesthetics of an acid trip to celluloid, in service of an especially brutal revenge thriller. (A revenge thriller set to a stunning, doom-tonal score by the late Jóhann Jóhannsson, no less.) But with them, Mandy becomes something more, and something genuinely special.

At FanGraphs:

At BP, Rob Mains tries to suss out just how bad baseball’s flagging attendance is.

Bill Belichick is clearly auditioning to by a hype man.

These dudes run down ten things you might have missed while watching Mandy a bunch of times—which you really should have done by this point, but if you haven’t there are tons of spoilers which the unindoctrinated should not .

Since there are no new ideas for movies, Fox is apparently going to remake Rookie of the Year.

Anderson .Paak’s new record Oxnard has a release date.

The Guardian’s Oliver Burkeman sits down with Haruki Murakami as his new novel Killing Commendatore saw its release in English on Tuesday.

The song of the day is “Mandy Love Theme” by Jóhann Jóhannson from the motion picture soundtrack of the film Mandy: