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Royals Rumblings - News for October 15, 2018

Should Danny Duffy be a reliever?

Kansas City Royals v Cleveland Indians Photo by Ron Schwane/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for October 15, 2018

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City wonders if Danny Duffy might be more useful as a reliever.

The last couple years have been trying for him from a health perspective with multiple trips to the disabled list. It just makes me wonder if maybe the bullpen wouldn’t be a bad spot for him as the game has evolved so much from even a few years ago. If he’s utilized the way the Indians utilized Andrew Miller and the way the Brewers use Josh Hader, maybe he can be even more effective than as a starter. Health is obviously a concern with extra use and all that, but it’s just something I keep thinking about after his comments to me from a few years back.

In his mailbag column, Jeffrey Flanagan gets a terrific question about bullpenning.

Could you ever see the Royals experimenting with an “opener” or “bullpenning” the way other teams have?

-- Max, @maxrieper

Interesting question. We chatted with Yost about it numerous times this season. At first, he seemed skeptical -- he didn’t want to spend his best bullpen arms in the first two innings of a game. And in his defense, it’s not like he had his 2013-15 bullpens this year that were deep enough to employ the tactic. But Yost is more open-minded about these matters than he lets on. He simply wants results. I wouldn’t be shocked with their rotation depth if they try it in ‘19.

Royals pitcher Arnaldo Hernandez is a late addition to the Arizona Fall League.

Morgan Vogels at Kings of Kauffman wonders what Brett Phillips’ role will be in 2019.

Royals pitcher Scott Barlow has his number retired at his high school.

On “The Lockdown” podcast, former Royals slugger Willie Aikens talks about his career and his time in prison.

Former Kansas City Athletics pitcher Jose Santiago - one of the first Puerto Rican players in the big leagues - died last week at the age of 90.

Former Royals manager Trey Hillman resigns his position in Korea.

Chris Sale is hospitalized with a stomach ailment.

The Giants will interview Kim Ng for their baseball operations opening.

The Nationals may not have much money to spend this winter.

Is Paul Goldschmidt a fit for the Yankees?

A look at the best free agent hitters by Statcast data.

All jokes aside, Bob Uecker seriously loves baseball.

Vin Scully graciously declines Joe Buck’s invitation to the booth.

Iowa State’s halftime show featured dozens of dancing dinosaurs.

Hundreds of dietary supplements are tainted with prescription drugs.

Sears is sliding into bankruptcy.

Police want to find out who is putting googly eyes on statues in Savannah, Georgia.

Your song of the day is Vance Joy with Lay it On Me.