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Hok Talk: Royals as Kingdom Hearts Characters

You all asked for more “Royals as...” stuff. I live to serve

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Kingdom Hearts
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There are many more months to more Royals baseball. There are also many, if not as many, months until Kingdom Hearts 3 finally releases. I’ve never been known as a patient person. So while I wait for these two things to come to pass I must pass the time, somehow. Today we pass that time by determining which Royals player would be which character in Kingdom Hearts.

Danny Duffy - Axel

Memorable and charming. Has issues with people who don’t like him. Beloved by many. Doesn’t often last a whole game.

Brad Keller - Ventus

Young blood trying to prove himself. Is he actually this good?

Ian Kennedy - Marluxia

Showed after the big party and thought he could be the new big dog in town. Was very wrong.

Heath Fillmyer - Roxas

An inferior copy of Ventus.

Jakob Junis - Leon

Sometimes he’s super strong and super awesome. Sometimes it’s just like, “What are you even doing?”

Brian Flynn - Captain Justice

Keeps showing up. No one really wants him around but they don’t have the heart to tell him to leave.

Tim Hill - Larxene

Loves inflicting pain on enemies with unorthodox attacks. Not as strong as you’d think.

Ben Lively - Xion

Who was that again?

Jorge Lopez - Maleficent

Can’t quite make it to the end of an otherwise dominating performance.

Brandon Maurer - Xehanort

He really wants to make sure the good guys lose.

Kevin McCarthy - Goofy

Oft-forgotten pal who is more useful than most people give him credit for.

Wily Peralta - Saix

He’s not like the primary villain but he’s also not doing a lot to help you out.

Eric Skoglund - Kairi

Probably going to end up being more important to the story than you think.

Burch Smith - Demyx

Great hair. Subpar execution.

Glenn Sparkman - Hayner

I mean, yeah, he’s here. He’s not hurting you. He’s not really helping, either.

Salvador Perez - Aqua

The heart of any team. Strong leader who cares too much about his/her allies.

Cam Gallagher - Tidus

Wishes he was Wakka.

Hunter Dozier - Cloud

Keeps showing up. Unclear what his purpose and value are, for now.

Alcides Escobar - Xigbar

You’re not really sure why he’s still here but it’s obvious he’s not here to help you.

Whit Merrifield - Riku

The closest friend to Sora. Used to be better than Sora at everything but now he’s not quite as good, even if he is a bit more experienced.

Adalberto Mondesi - Sora

The chosen one. He has the talent and the youth that so many others on this list lack. He isn’t perfect, of course, but if everything goes right, he’ll be the one to get the job done.

Ryan O’Hearn - Beast

He didn’t show up until very near to the end but was a surprising powerhouse that carried a lot of the late game/season.

Jorge Bonifacio - Luxord

Loves to gamble. Noooot actually very good at winning those bets.

Brian Goodwin - Lexaeus

He exists. He’s better than you think but still not great. Kinda vanishes from the story.

Alex Gordon - Terra

He was once a total powerhouse and a force for good but now everyone views him as something more akin to a villain.

Brett Phillips - Vexen

Weird eyes and a weird laugh. Seems like he should be more impressive than he is.

Jorge Soler - Donald Duck

Has some of the most impressive power in the game but also spends way too much time on the sidelines waiting for a heal.

Ned Yost - Master Eraqus

The mastermind behind some of the best keyblade masters/players we’ve ever seen. Perhaps a bit too far behind the times for the next generation, but still lovable.

Dayton Moore - Yen Sid

Has a bearing of importance. Says a lot of stuff that turns out to not be true.

So there you go. A list of things the Royals also are. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted. I’m sure some of you have your own ideas about who belongs where so drop those in the comments below!