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Royals Rumblings - News for October 24, 2018

If you won the lottery, would you buy the Royals?

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Milwaukee Brewers v Kansas City Royals Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Royals Rumblings - News for October 24, 2018

Jeffrey Flanagan talks to prospect Nick Pratto. As you know, the Royals, maybe more so than other organizations, put a premium on defense. How did you do defensively?

Pratto: It was OK. I had to work on my throwing a little bit, on throws to second and to first. I changed my arm slot mid-year, and it really didn’t help me out. So we went back to how I normally do it. Naturally, I’m in a lower slot, a little more sidearm. I’ve always been fine in terms of accuracy, but the infielders were complaining that my throws moved too much [like a two-seam fastball]. But hey (laughing), I never complain about their throws moving. So anyway, I went back to my normal slot and everything is fine.

Royals pitching prospect Scott Blewett is named Arizona Fall League Pitcher of the Week.

Royals prospects Gabriel Cancel and Xavier Fernandez hit homers at the Under-23 World Cup.

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City looks at some bullpen additions the Royals could be interested in.


Here’s another familiar name. He’s been a Royals reclamation project once before and it earned him a big deal from the A’s of all teams. He was kind of whatever in the first year of his deal but was outstanding in 2017. Then the wheels fell off a bit in 2018, and you wonder what that will do to his market. His 5.47 ERA would have fit nicely with the 2018 Royals, but he did post a 1.67 DRA after being dealt to the Dodgers with a ton of strikeouts and just one walk in 8.1 innings. At 38 years old, maybe the wheels fell off, but if he has to settle for a small deal, the Royals could do worse than find out.

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