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Weekend Rumblings - News for November 10, 2018

Take a picture, Whit will last longer.

Japan v MLB All Stars - Game 1 Photo by Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for November 10, 2018

Sam Mellinger looks at the likelihood of a Whit Merrifield trade.

Internally, the Royals believe the core of their next contender will be in the big leagues by 2021, when Merrifield will be 32. Viewed coldly as return on investment, now is the best time to trade him. The younger talent acquired would be maturing by 2021, when Merrifield is likely to be fading.

Dayton Moore, the architect and foreman of the Royals’ last world champion, knows that Merrifield probably will never be more valuable in the eyes of other teams — he will never be younger, never be cheaper, and never offer more years of club control.

All of that is true, and so is this: Moore is unlikely to trade. Three primary considerations stand above the others, each a mix of practicality, emotion, and commitment to slow cook the next championship core.

Baseball America ranks Brady Singer tops in the Royals farm system, with five of the top ten coming from the 2018 draft. Their Bill Mitchell discusses the system.

Jack (South Side Chicago): What’s a realistic ETA for Singer and Kowar to arrive in Kansas City? Is 2020 too optimistic?

Bill Mitchell: Perhaps closer to the end of the 2020 season, with 2021 being a more realistic estimate for when they both make it to the big leagues. Keep in mind that Singer has yet to pitch a professional inning in an official game and Kowar got just 26 innings under his belt. There’s no reason for either pitcher to be rushed. honors the top players in the Royals organization like outfielder Seuly Matias.

“It’s just impressive what he does, he has monster power,” Picollo said. “The thing he does that most good power hitters do, he’s not going to miss a hanging breaking ball. Can hit a good fastball. The area of the game that needs to continue to be addressed is chasing pitches. His aggressiveness, which we never want to take away, got the better of him at times.

”From one year to the next, great amount of improvement. He’s a good self-evaluator, and I think that’s why his numbers jumped. Defensively, he’s good, definitely a corner guy, can really throw and profiles great as a right fielder.”

So what’s the word on the Royals’ interest in Mike Matheny?

QUESTION: What sort of advising would Mike Matheny be doing if he goes with the Royals?

GOOLD: Unsure. This has been something bandied about for awhile. I first wrote about it and heard about it when the Cardinals were in Kansas City, and the Royals had reached out to him. Matheny heard from three teams. One was the Royals. Another candidate was possibly the Giants, though I couldn’t confirm that. The nature of the role was being discussed -- and is still being discussed. Would be front office. Would be catching, for sure. How that lines up with Matheny’s wish to manage again and the Royals already having a manager is part of the discussion and, undoubtedly, the title, too.

Twins first baseman Joe Mauer retires.

The Cubs are open to trading Kris Bryant.

Are the White Sox trying to land Manny Machado?

Documents for potential investors show the Dodgers plan to stay under the luxury tax threshhold for several years.

Owners will vote on another term for Commissioner Rob Manfred this week.

The Red Sox apologize for comments from Bill James.

MLB claims streaming on Facebook was a big success, with plans for more next year.

The league will not decide on any new rule changes until next spring.

When regular people inherit famous sports phone numbers.

Is LaMelo Ball eligible to play college basketball?

30 questions about this bizarre solar commercial with the Browns punter and a talking dog.

Does stress-eating actually make you less stressed?

China’s state-run press has created a virtual AI news host.

What we know about the millions of titles coming to Disney’s streaming service.

Your song of the day is Chet Baker with Tenderly.