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Friday OT Thread: Boredom Edition


High Temperatures Persist in South West England
The early morning sun shines on trees that are displaying their autumn colours surrounding the lake at the National Trust’s Stourhead on October 22, 2018 in Wiltshire, England. Forecasters are warning that sub-zero temperatures and artic winds will reach some parts of the UK by the end of this week, bringing to an end a stretch of mild autumn weather, which saw some areas in the south-east enjoying temperatures hitting 20C (68F) at the weekend.
Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Guys and girls, this is going to be a long offseason. The Kansas City Royals aren’t likely to make any significant moves, even if it would behoove them to trade Whit Merrifield and Salvador Perez. That means that all the offseason action will be watched from afar. This happens sometimes; in certain seasons, there’s not much that needs to happen. Teams get locked in holding patterns. That is true for the Royals this year and, if we’re honest, probably next year.

Thankfully, this particular offseason is going to be a good one if you’re a fan of non-Royals Kansas City sports. The Kansas City Chiefs are 9-1 and the best team in the AFC; that position puts them as one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl. They are doing so with the most dynamic individual athlete, let alone quarterback, in Kansas City in decades. Meanwhile, Sporting Kansas City is in the Major League Soccer Conference Championships, one short step away from trying to win their third MLS Cup.

So it’s not gonna be particularly interesting for the Royals this offseason, even if it is for other teams. So it goes.

  1. “So it goes” is a phrase that Kurt Vonnegut writes repeatedly in his 1969 classic Slaughterhouse Five. What’s a (non-swear) word or phrase you find yourself using a lot?
  2. What is your go-to activity or process if you’re bored, like you will often be this offseason if you are thinking about the Royals?
  3. How close to your place of residence is the nearest park or green space? Do you use it?
  4. Everyone has that book, game, or TV show that they return to every few years to consume as comfort food. What’s yours?
  5. Someone gives you unlimited money but you can only make one purchase of these three options: luxury yacht, private jet, or luxury condo in a major city of your choice (staff and maintenance costs included). Which do you pick, and why?

BONUS: What is your favorite podcast? Write a haiku about it.