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Friday Off Topic Thread


New York City Scenics
A closeup of a Tabby cat photographed on November 13, 2013 on Long Island, New York.
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

One of the best things about SB Nation’s association with Getty images is that I can search for and find the highest quality and most random images known to man. Today’s picture is a cat because I like cats, and because it is #topical for the questions below. However, I can search even more bizarre things and there are almost always pictures:

Annual Dachshund Race Celebrates Start Of Oktoberfest In Australia
Two dachshunds dressed as a fireman and a policeman compete in The Best Dressed Dachshund Costume Parade during the annual Teckelrennen Hophaus Dachshund Race on September 23, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. The annual ‘running of the Wieners’ is held to celebrate Oktoberfest.
Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images

LOOK AT THAT. I just searched ‘Firefighter Dog’ and that was on the first page. The first. Page. I want to move to Australia now. Running of the Wieners. Brilliant.

Anyway, here are your questions. Answer in the comments below:

  1. My parents recently had to put down the family cat. Shadow was almost 18 and a half and had been subject to declining health, and it was simply time. What animal have you had for the longest, and for how long? (NOTE: you cannot name your kids)
  2. One gotta go: tacos, burgers, or bratwurst. Which do you banish?
  3. As a musician, I almost always kick off Christmas music rehearsals in September or October. This is too early for Christmastime celebrations. When is it appropriate to start the Christmastime spirit and music listening?
  4. With the Royals terrible—again—have you picked up any interest in other sports to fill the extraordinarily long, playoff-less baseball offseason?
  5. You find a mysterious, ornate box on the sidewalk. You open it, and inside there is a genie that will give you one of only three wishes: A) a sum of money equivalent to 40 years’ worth of the median personal income in the country of your residence paid out in monthly installments over that time, B) the ability to turn off your need for sleep for the rest of your life unless you are bored, or C) a guarantee that the worst sickness you would ever get for the rest of your life would be a common cold. Which do you pick?
  6. BONUS: what is your favorite non-home cooked meal, and what restaurant is it at?