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Thanksgiving OT Thread: Put the turkey inside you

Put a bird on it.

Holiday Travel Day Before Thanksgiving Predicted To Be Heavier Than Years Past Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Get yer turkey on, friendos.

  1. Using this article on how we’re killing our National Parks with our love for them as a jumping off point, how are you killing this land?
  2. Since romaine lettuce is out for your holiday meals, what vegetables will you replace it with for your feast?
  3. Since Black Friday ain’t what it used to be, let’s talk about American traditions. What bygone American activity/event from yore do you miss the most?
  4. While the first Thanksgiving dinner really consisted of these items at the table, what unexpected item do you feel is necessary for a good Thanksgiving feast?
  5. We all love the Cheddar Goblin and everything it stands for. What side dish would you enrich with an ad like the one from Mandy?

Boner: How many times do you plan to watch Mandy with your friends and/or family this holiday?