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Hok Talk: Tell me what you think

Let’s exercise our brains on a lazy Saturday

Brexit Worries From The Irish Border
A farmer and his dog. Because reasons.
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I decided to make the Hok Talk a bit more interactive this week. You all are probably tired of reading my (always wrong) opinions, week after week. So I want you to share some of yours with me so I can mock- I mean reconsider how wrong I’ve been. Since it’s officially the off-season now we’ll do some baseball and some ~gasp~ off-topic questions. Be sure you explain your answers thoroughly!

  1. How many major league free agents do you think the Royals will sign this off-season?
  2. How many trades involving major league players on either side will they make?
  3. Give me a $10M range for what you expect the opening day roster salary to be.
  4. Who is next year’s team MVP?
  5. Will Danny Duffy finish the season without being injured?
  6. How many home runs do you think Jorge Soler can hit?
  7. Will Ian Kennedy finish the year in the rotation?
  8. Which movie genre is your favorite?
  9. What’s the last book you read? Would you recommend it to anyone else?
  10. Which video game, movie, or book do you wish you could go back and experience for the first time again?

That’s all for now! I’ll see you with my own answers in the comments below!