Reds to non-tender Billy Hamilton

According to MLBTR the Reds will non-tender Billy Hamilton.

Hamilton is a very good fit for the Royals. Excellent defense and very good arm. I don't know if he will save more runs than Brett Phillips - I expect the two are comparable. Hamilton has been a highlight reel in Cincy for years, producing about one amazing play a month. He will be a fan favorite.

The Reds are parting ways with Hamilton due to his inability to raise his on base percentage. He has hovered right around .300 for five years. In 2736 plate appearances he has a .298 OBP. The consensus view is that he is who he is, and the progress of arbitration raises had finally pushed his salary past his on-field value. His case was also hurt by only stealing 34 bases this year, after taking 56 to 59 over each of the four previous years. The drop was mostly due to his declining playing time.

On the other hand, many fans, including me, think that Hamilton still has unrealized upside.

I know the Royals do not plan on signing free agents this year. And I know they want to give Phillips and Goodwin a long look next year, but this seems like an opportunity for which it is worth altering course. I am sure Hamilton will get plenty of offers. The Royals should get in on the action.

Kansas City cannot be confident that they have an in-house option for CF who will pan out. Hamilton is a very good team player, great upbeat personality, he will be good in the club house. If I were Moore I would offer him a 2/10 contract with a team option for a third year. At minimum, he will be a very tradable commodity any season given his speed and defense.

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