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Friday Off Topic Thread

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It’s been a freaking week, hasn’t it

Retromobile Show In Paris
A Classic Jaguar logo is pictured during the Retromobile show on February 12, 2008 in Paris, France. There are 320 exhibitors this year taking part in the 33rd Retromobile which celebrates and offers information about vintage cars.
Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images

What is up, friends and enemies. Today has been a very eventful week. Not so much for the Kansas City Royals, but for the world. This here off topic thread will be your shelter from the storm, your frivolity in the seriousness.

Today, I am implementing a rule for this OT thread. There has been significant political discussions in the Rumblings. Some people do not like that, which I can respect. As a result, there will be no politics in this here thread. I’m not gonna ban anyone, and if discussion veers towards politics-adjacent topics, that’s ok. But we’re not gonna lead with politics. We’re going to lead with dumb stuff of no importance. Let’s get rolling.

  1. defines soup as “a liquid food, with or without solid particles, made by cooking meat, vegetables, fish, etc. in water, milk, or the like.” Is cereal and milk soup?
  2. What books have you been reading recently? Do you have a favorite type or genre that you read?
  3. Everyone in the Midwest is pretty much forced to drive a vehicle. What is your realistic dream car—aka, a dream car that you might actually be able to acquire without winning the lottery?
  4. If given the choice to change your working situation from being at an office/working from home to the opposite, would you? Why?
  5. Most of us only get one chance at a career. If you were forced to reset your life, go back to college, and get a different degree, what degree would you get and what profession would you enter?

BONUS: Which are cooler: swords or tanks?