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Brett Phillips shows off his Fortnite dance moves on MLB Network

Ask your kids about Fortnite.

If you’re a gamer or have a kid, you have no doubt heard of the video game phenomenon Fortnite. The game is essentially a big Nerf gun war featuring dance moves and its popularity has even spread to Major League baseball players.

Royals outfielder Brett Phillips is a huge Fortnite fan, even getting the chance to play it on the big scoreboard at Miller Park when he was a member of the Brewers. He even has a Twitch channel where you can watch him play games, such as a recent tournament he hosted for MLB The Show.

This week some baseball players like Rays pitcher Ryne Stanek, and Padres pitchers Logan Allen and Jacob Nix were in Las Vegas for a Fortnite tournament, and came on MLB Network to talk about their passion. Before long, the appearance was crashed by Phillips. And of course, he had to show off his favorite Fortnite dance moves (go to 4:30 if you want to skip to the dance moves).

Hopefully Phillips will have an occasion to show his dancing skills after a Royals game next summer. Best of luck in the tournament, Brett!