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Introducing the Royals Review Laboratory

What do you want to know?

Beijing To Launch Daily Food Safety Reports Photo by Guang Niu/Getty Images

We’re rolling out a new feature today...well, feature might not be the right word. A new series? A new column? Whatever you want to call it, it’s new, and it’s got one focal point: to answer your questions in the most quantitative way.

Have a thought or hypothesis you’ve always thought was true but could never figure out how to prove it? Need the stats behind something? Does Rex Hudler say something on air and you say to yourself “that can’t be true...” Well the Royals Review Laboratory exists just to confirm or deny those thoughts.

Why is Kauffman considered a neutral park when everyone says it’s a pitchers park? How great was the 2014/2015 Royals bullpen? Was their defense that extraordinary? What outcome would an average GM have had in the past decade of drafting that the Royals had?

We’ll also along the way look at moments in the season through a quantitative lens, trying to highlight the extraordinary.

Email us your questions or theories at: