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Danny Duffy had thoughts about pace of play proposals

It’s a pitch clock, Joel.

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MLB: Washington Nationals at Kansas City Royals Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Pace of play has been a hot topic in baseball, with the average game coming in at over three hours last year. Commissioner Rob Manfred is reportedly considering implementing a pitch clock for the upcoming season, although the player’s union has balked. There are also reports the Commissioner wants to put a runner at second base to begin every inning starting with the 11th inning for spring training games and the All-Star Games, with concerns that this idea could be adopted for regular season games one day.

With these, and other proposals in the conversation, Royals pitcher Danny Duffy decided to chime in with his thoughts, and he definitely doesn’t like the idea of making it easier to score runs.

Duffy welcomed pitch clocks, putting the onus on pitchers for the slow play.

He also blamed long commercial breaks between innings and pitching changes.

But you can keep instant replay, as far as he is concerned.

As far as pace of play, Duffy doesn’t see the need for drastic change.

Duffy also had some interesting ideas on how pitchers and catchers can reduce mound visits.

Oh man, I want to see that.

What do you think about the pace of play proposals? What other ideas do you think would reduce the lag time? Or should baseball just be left alone?