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Weekend Rumblings - News for February 10, 2018

Will we see some spring training surprises?

Arizona Diamondbacks v Kansas City Royals Photo by Brian Davidson/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for February 10, 2018

Jeffrey Flanagan tries to project the Opening Day roster.

First base (1): Eric Hosmer

OK, this is why these are called early 25-man projections. But the longer Hosmer stays on the free-agent market, the greater the chances are that the Royals can land him. It’s probably a long shot but, it’s still a possibility if he remains unsigned by another club. The fallback plan is Hunter Dozier, a right-handed-hitting former first-round pick that put up nice numbers at Class A and Double-A before scuffing a bit at Triple-A.

Flanny also predicts a surprising spring training.

If Eric Hosmer doesn’t return, could the Royals sign someone else?

Rustin Dodd previews five stories that could shape the Royals this season.

Mondesi could be headed back to Class AAA Omaha. Whit Merrifield appears locked in at second base. But for how long? The Royals have been willing to listen to trade offers for Merrifield, who turned 29 this offseason and whose years of cheap club control increase his value.

For now, it will likely be Escobar and Merrifield up the middle. But if Mondesi answers durability questions and produces at the plate, how long can the Royals delay his development at the major-league level?

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City thinks PECOTA may be underestimating the Royals.

With the group of starters they have coming to camp, I have to believe they can find a way to pull five quality starters out of their group. There are certainly questions with all of them, but I actually see a fair amount of talent in the group. In my mind, the starting pitching potential is why I think the 66 is a shade too low as of right now. Not that it makes much of a difference, but if you asked me to pin down a number, I’d probably say they go 70-92. I think the starters can keep them in enough games that they pull a few out that maybe they wouldn’t have in past bad seasons when the starting pitching had so much trouble keeping them in games.

Salvador Perez stars in a ”No Off-Season” ad for Major League Baseball.

This past year was the worst ever for designated hitters.

Puerto Rico wins the Caribbean Series title.

The Rays announce a site for a new baseball stadium in Ybor City.

Tim Lincecum will have a showcase for teams next week.

Derek Jeter talks about his plans to turn around the Marlins.

Could a team sign all the free agents?

Ten teams that should take advantage of the market.

Grant Brisbee talks to Tim Tebow about dogs.

What you missed at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.

Is Michael Porter returning for Mizzou?

Waymo and Uber reach a surprise settlement.

The Star Wars posters of Soviet Europe.

RIP Reg Cathy of The Wire and House of Cards.

Your song of the day is Hank Jones with The Party’s Over.