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Royals Rumblings - News for February 22, 2018

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 13
Good on ya, America
Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

US Women’s Hockey won the gold medal last night on the sixth round of a shootout in most dramatic fashion, defeating the juggernaut Canadian team after tying things up with two minutes to spare in regulation.

This won it:

At the Kansas City Star, Rustin Dodd checks in with Luke Hochevar and agent Scott Boras as Oplakia eyes a comeback:

The operation for thoracic outlet — which includes the removal of a portion of rib near the shoulder — is designed to alleviate the compression of nerves near the lower neck and armpit. The symptoms include the loss of feeling in the arm and fingers. For now, Hochevar is still dealing with those symptoms, including the loss of sensation in his arm, Boras said.

“We don’t know the timetable,” Boras said. “But the doctors say it should come back. We just don’t know when.”

MLB Pipeline’s Royals top 30 prospect list dropped with Khalil Lee topping the list. Chase Vallot? 27.

Jeffrey Flanagan reports at that Danny Duffy liked being deemed Eric Hosmer’s best teammate:

“Makes me feel good,” Duffy said. “The whole group came up together, but for him to single me out is pretty cool.”

Duffy said it always has been important to him to support his position teammates.

”I do my best,” Duffy said. “They always put on for us, so in my down time for four days, I think it is right to put on for them.”

At BP KC, Clark Fosler greets (our?) the 2018 Royals, and Clint Scoles looks ahead to the draft at potential pick Tristan Beck.

At Royals Farm Report, Drake Downing interviews prospect Marlin Willis, Jr., and itsmillertime64 scouts potential draftee Chris Acosta-Tapia.

At Kings of Kauffman, Jordan Foote speculates which Royals will do what—statistically speaking—in spring training.

At The Ringer, Ben Lindbergh dives into baseball’s revenues to see if the claims of owners keeping too much of the profits actually holds water.

February FanGraphs resident Sung Min Kim writes about how Asia is no longer the final stop on the baseball train for major leaguers.

At the Hardball Times, Britni de la Cretaz explores how the Giants should handle retiring Barry Bonds’s number.

Terry Gilliam may actually have completed The Man Who Killed Don Quixote after 20 years of derailment and disaster.

There may be a show coming about Matt Berninger’s life? Please let me, Josh Duggan, work on this.

We’ve got our first look at Judd Apatow’s documentary on Garry Shandling for HBO.

Does Austin actually want the Columbus Crew?

Killmonger is MCU’s Magneto.

If you thought Craig Mazin had a bad roommate... (h/t to thayne_griffin)

The song of the day is “Blue Flowers” by Dr. Octagon: