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Where else can you find your favorite Royals Review writers?

We have five-tool writers.

Apple Museum in Kiev Photo by Oleksandr Rupeta/NurPhoto via Getty Images

We have a great community of writers here at Royals Review, who are able to make even the dullest Royals/White Sox July game come to life with wit, whimsy, and downright absurd surrealism. But did you know your favorite writers can be found at other sites? And sometimes about completely different topics unrelated to baseball?

We pride ourselves on being as versatile as Whit Merrifield, and nearly half as handsome.

Sean Thornton writes about the Royals and baseball in general at his own blog, Bleeding Royal Blue. There he writes both analytical pieces, like this one examining the American League MVP race, and irreverent pieces, like this post comparing Jeff Francoeur to various animals. He is a member of the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America, and he apparently loves baseball bloopers.

Alex Duvall also writes about baseball as the editor-in-chief at Royals Farm Report where you can learn some great stuff about the farm system. You can read about how he thinks Kyle Zimmer should be handled, how M.J. Melendez is the heir apparent to Salvador Perez, and why you should still believe in Raul Mondesi.

Patrick Brennan writes there as well, you can read his scouting report on new Royals pitcher Heath Fillmeyer, on minor league slugger Frank Schwindel, and his look at this summer’s draft. He also writes at Baseball Prospectus Wrigleyville, where he has written profiles on players like Jarrod Dyson.

Farmhand is a freelance writer when he’s not out on the farm. He and his wife both write about agriculture, earth science, ecology, and history at Chert Hollow Freelance. Farmhand also contributes a lot to the Columbia Audubon Society newsletter.

Matthew LaMar has his own personal blog called Something Clever where he writes on everything from pop culture to gaming to his favorite roller costers. You can read his piece on how he made peace with his gaming backload, his search for musical authenticity in pop music, and the best tweet of all-time.

Hokius writes about “nerdy things” which includes sci-fi, comic books, anime, and gaming at his blog From the Hawk’s Eye. You can read his reviews of the FOX show The Orville, what he thought of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and the anime show Recovery of an MMO Junkie. You can also check out his Youtube channel.

As for me, Max Rieper, I have a regular job as a political analyst, providing non-partisan, objective articles on what is happening in statehouses across the country. Our firm has a blog, so if you like being plugged into state politics, you can read my articles at the Multistate Insider, such as this one on net neutrality or this review of state privacy legislation in 2017.

What about you guys? Do you write anywhere on the internets? Podcast? Do stupid stuff on Youtube? Here’s your chance to promo your stuff.