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Royals Review Radio: Episode 30 - PECOTA O/U Game and Goodbye, Eric Hosmer


Call the fire department, because the stove is on fire baby! Well, at least relatively hot compared to where it was just even a month ago. Like in hit movie Interstellar, where our heroes are preparing to fly to Miller’s planet to save mankind:

Cooper: Look, I can swing around that neutron star and decelerate—

Brand: It’s not that, it’s time. That gravity will slow our clock compared to Earth. Drastically.

Cooper: How bad?

Romilly: Every hour we spend down there will be maybe... seven years back on Earth.

Cooper: Jesus...

Take it away, Romilly:

Co-host: Shaun Newkirk

Co-Host: Matthew Lamar

Guest Emeritus: Max Rieper

Topics include:

Eric Hosmer departing and contract talk

PECOTA over/under game

Gaining weight


Messing around with Adalberto Mondesi