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Weekend Rumblings - News for February 24, 2018

How long will a rebuild take?

Kansas City Royals Photo Day Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Weekend Rumblings - News for February 24, 2018

Sam Mellinger wonders if fans are ready for just how long this rebuild will take.

But think about this: depending on your standards a rebuild of this magnitude figures to take four years, minimum. Mike Moustakas, officially Moore’s first draft pick with the Royals, spent three full seasons in the minors before debuting in the big leagues. Eric Hosmer, the No. 3 pick in Moore’s second draft, spent two full seasons before debuting in the big leagues.

Even if you expect that accelerated timeline, the Royals’ first pick in this year’s draft would debut in 2021 or 2022. Hosmer had his first productive full big-league season his third year up. Moustakas was sent back to the minors in his fourth big-league season, and then made his first All-Star team in year five.

These are not unusual timelines.

Jorge Soler is more mobile now.

“He’s really moving well,” Yost said on Thursday. “Mitch mentioned it to me. ‘Man, he’s really moving well.’ I started bearing down on him a little bit and watching him and, yeah, he looks great out there. He’s really moving good.”

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City is skeptical that Whit Merrifield will play much first.

There’s been a lot made of Ned Yost mentioning Whit Merrifield as a first baseman early in the camp. Things like that are where I have a tough time determining just how much to listen to at this point in the spring. On one hand, if the manager talks, it’s pretty much the only real thing to focus on. On the other hand, Yost says stuff sometimes, and I’m convinced those things he says are more to get a reaction than anything else. I’m not willing to bet on anything with the 2018 Royals because I think just about anything is possible (other than Alcides Escobar missing a game), but I think if Merrifield isn’t the second baseman, it’s because Raul Mondesi is. And if Merrifield isn’t playing second, I’d assume he’s playing center field.

Raúl Mondesí explains why he will go by the name Adalberto now.

“I wanna go back to that name because I feel comfortable,” said Mondesi, who grew up in the Dominincan Republic. “That’s my second name and everybody in the Dominican — they know me by that name.”

Jeffrey Flanagan looks at dark horse candidates to make the roster.

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Boulevard has a new Royals-themed beer.

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Why Eric Hosmer does not need to change.

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