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Spring Training Game 5 Thread: Royals vs Reds

Eric Skoglund gets the start.

MLB: Kansas City Royals-Media Day Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It’s my first Kansas City Royals game thread of the year. Hello, everybody. Welcome back to you returning folk. Welcome to the newcomers. This year is certainly going to be interesting.

Starting on the mound will be Eric Skoglund, who had one of the most memorable debuts by any Royals rookie last year and one of the most forgettable everything else of his rookie year.

Also, and someone may want to check Ned Yost’s noggin here, but Alcides Escobar isn’t leading off. Everyone knows that’s what will happen in the regular season. I guess Yost is just having some fun. Dangling the proverbial carrot for other players, so to speak.

The Royals will be facing the Cincinnati Reds, a team that no Royals fan has any emotions about. Kansas City is questing for a Cactus League title and remains undefeated in four games so far.