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Baseball Prospectus ranks Seuly Matias in its top 101

First Royal to be ranked by a major list this offseason.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Huzzah! With Baseball Prospectus releasing their top 101 prospects earlier today, the Royals have finally had one of their prospects ranked among major lists (MLB Pipeline, Baseball America, Fangraphs, Baseball Prospectus, Minor League Ball). Coming in at #75 on the BP 101 was outfielder Seuly Matias.

Last week, Baseball Prospectus released their top ten Royals prospects, ranking Matias #1, raving about his power potential and arm in right, perhaps seeing a potential future all-star in the young Dominican native.

As for some interesting little items, Matias was among 26 outfielders that found their way on the list, ranking at #22 among them. He was also one of 16 teenagers on the list and one of the 20 big money international signings that was ranked.

Deciding to put Matias in their top 101 came as a bit of surprise, considering where Royals prospects have recently stood among major rankings. Baseball America, who also recently came out with their Royals list, ranked Matias as the #3 prospect in the organization. John Sickels even ranked Matias #9 on his list over at our sister site, Minor League Ball. MLB Pipeline has yet to come out with their organizational rankings.

The last time the Royals landed a player on a major top 100 was last offseason, when Minor League Ball ranked Josh Staumont #95. The last Royals prospects to appear on the Baseball Prospectus list came back in 2016, when Raul Mondesi was ranked #16 and Kyle Zimmer was ranked #89.

Also releasing a top 100 today was Kiley McDaniel and Eric Longenhagen at Fangraphs. Unfortunately, no Royals appeared on this one, but they did note that Seuly Matias was among other prospects in consideration.