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Royals Fantasy Camp looks awesome and I want to go there

Someone give me four thousand dollars.

If you never reached the big leagues, the Royals offer you the chance to feel like a big leaguers with their Royals Alumni Fantasy Camp, held each year before spring training in Surprise, Arizona. The camp just wrapped up, and it looks like this year’s participants had a blast, with the chance to meet some of their favorite Royals stars and live like a Major Leaguer for a week.

There were a lot of Royals stars, like George Brett, Bo Jackson, Mike Sweeney, and Reggie Sanders.

Bo can wear whatever he damn well pleases.

John Mayberry, Mike Sweeney and John Buck presided over kangaroo court.

Is very bad to steal Jobu’s rum.

Special guests included the real-life Rudy from the movie “Rudy.”

The camp also featured a celebrity camper, former Missouri Senate candidate (and future Presidential candidate?) Jason Kander, who grew up in the area as a Royals fan.

And it looks like everyone had a great time.

A champion was even crowned.

If you want to get in next year, start saving your money, it cost about $4,000 and spots typically fill up fast with a waiting list to get in. Participants also get the opportunity to purchase Opening Day tickets and a reunion at Kauffman Stadium in May.

But the memories are priceless and who wouldn’t want to act like a kid for a week? Ever been to Fantasy Camp?