"Inside the K"


My birthday present from my sister this year, and the inspiration for this piece


The outfield is always greener in somebody else's town.
But why dream of leaving from here? We always wear the crown.
Just look at the folks around you, right here in our home - KC!
Such wonderful fans surround you. Where else could you rather be?

Inside the K, inside the K
Darling it's better here where George Brett or Bo Jackson played.
All of the Royals are All Star - not just Salvy, also Omar.
So we devoting full time to voting
Inside the K!

In these stands the fans is happy, as throughout, The Wave, it rolls.
The Yankee fans, they ain't happy. They sad 'cause they all assholes.
But fans in New York is lucky, there's a way life could be more cruel.
They could be fans in St. Louie - they all obsessed with high school.

Inside the K, inside the K
We pop champagne here, we play the game here The Royal Way.
Off in St. Lou, the fans all suck. Up in New York, who gives a fuck?
We got no troubles, we're hitting doubles
Inside the K!

Inside the K
Nobody jeer us, everyone cheer us
And when the crowd begins to chant,
That's when the fountains start to dance.
We got the spirit, you got to hear it,
Inside the K!

That Gore, he can score,
And Whit, he can hit.
Drew always come through,
and then the hairflip.
The Duff, he's got stuff,
And Yost is our coach,
And Kelvin sure pitches fast.

Cuthbert's not hurt,
And Esky, he swings.
Soler, well, he's there,
We'll see what he brings.
Gordo, he can bat
and wear a glove hat.
And, oh, that Salvy Splash!

Yeah, inside the K, inside the K
When we believe what we can achieve
It's October Always!
What do they got? A lot of dough?
We got a shot to win the whole show!
Each'n every crowd here can get real loud here
Inside the K!
Each one who's been here knows we can win here
Inside the K!
Each little fan here knows that we can here,
That's why we're proud in the City of Fountains,
Yeah, we the best here, in the Midwest here,
Inside the K!

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