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Royals Rumblings - News for March 12, 2018

What does Moose mean for this roster?

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Royals Rumblings - News for March 12, 2018

Vahe Gregorian writes that the Royals are looking to the future and the present.

The Royals might be rebuilding, but they aren’t conceding that they have to take a dive to do that.

Flux or not, they seek to remain as credible as possible with what has become a brand to protect.

As usual with Moore, there’s both idealism and practicality at play in moves that reflect this thinking.

“We can’t just not try to win for the next two or three years to get draft picks and then think we’re just going to flip the switch and our culture is going to be strong again,” Moore said in his office in Surprise earlier this month. “We’ve got to continue to develop that winning attitude and approach on a daily basis.

Moustakas calls his return a “blessing in disguise.”

“To have an opportunity to come back to Kansas City and play baseball again, it was a no-doubter, a no-brainer for me to be able to come back here and be with a guy that trusts in me and trusts in my ability and be with a team that I trust in and a training staff that I’m comfortable with,” Moustakas said.

“I believe in everybody in this clubhouse, I believe in everybody in this organization. So it was a very easy decision to be able to come back here and play baseball for this organization.”

David Lesky at Baseball Prospectus Kansas City is still trying to figure out what the Mike Moustakas signing means for the roster.

But Cuthbert now has to suffer through another season as a reserve infielder at best, which he showed in 2017 was certainly not his best role. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I think Cuthbert is a star, but we’ve all said time and time again that now is the time to find out what the Royals have. Do the additions of these players make the Royals a playoff team in 2018? I find that unlikely. The offense will certainly be better and more watchable, but there are still a ton of questions on this team. Sure they could surprise, but if you could predict that, it wouldn’t be a surprise. The argument is that these players can be flipped at the deadline for something of value, and they absolutely could, but let’s remember the return for J.D. Martinez at last year’s deadline.

Jorge Bonifacio apologizes for his 80-game suspension for Boldenone.

Kyle Zimmer experienced a velocity drop in his outing on Friday, but was still encouraged.

“I got a little bit tired from I guess just long tossing and getting through some stuff,” said Zimmer, who was charged one run. “But it felt pretty good. It was great to get back out there and see a batter in the box and just be able to compete again. I’m not too worried about results right now. Just getting back in the game is great.”

That, for now, is a sign of progress.

“He’s never been healthy enough for us to determine what he is,” Royals manager Ned Yost said Friday morning. “I’m anxious for him to get out in competition.”

Bubba Starling may miss the start of the season.

The Royals’ affiliate in Lexington will have just the second female play-by-play voice in minor league baseball.

The Royals will crack down on derogatory heckling this year.

The Supreme Court could open a lucrative new revenue stream for MLB teams - gambling revenues.

Lance Lynn signs a one-year deal with the Twins.

Jake Arrieta signs a three-year deal with the Phillies.

What’s the hold-up for Greg Holland?

Will the new extreme shifts and position-switching in the outfield work for the Phillies?

The Diamondbacks hope they have an edge with their new hitting strategist.

Zack Greinke worries he’s lost it, but he says that every spring.

A dirty play at a Kansas high school basketball game draws outrage.

The top 100 free agents in the NFL.

A woodworker fools antique experts with fakes.

The FCC says a tiny startup launched four satellites into space without permission.

Netflix’s Collateral is a murder-mystery with a conscience.

Your song of the day is Sonic Youth with Kool Thing.