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Royals Rumblings - News for March 13, 2018

What will this bullpen look like?

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Royals Rumblings - News for March 13, 2018

The Jorge Bonifacio suspension has opened up more questions about the roster.

“Right now, we have so much in flux,” Yost said. “We don’t know how many infielders we’ll keep. We don’t know about outfielders or the bullpen, [either].”

Yost and his staff are debating whether to keep four or five outfielders, five or six infielders, or seven or eight bullpen arms.

Rustin Dodd looks at the uncertain bullpen.

“We’re not anywhere close to setting our pen yet,” Yost said. “Nowhere close.”

With two weeks remaining, Yost sees just two certainties in his rotation. The rest of the unit, though, could fill in fast.

“It’ll work out,” Yost said. “It always has.”

The Royals may not be done adding.

Josh Staumont is only working out of the stretch, writes Jeffrey Flanagan.

“You’re always working on command,” Staumont said. “It can never be too good. I just hope we’re going down the right path.”

The right path this spring for Staumont has been a conversion to working out of the stretch only.

”We’re just trying to simplify it all,” he said. “The simpler it is, the more you can repeat it. We’ve been trying to do that this spring to get an idea how it feels.”

The Royals make their first round of cuts.

Bradford Doolittle at ESPN looks at which starters could be dealt this summer, and includes Danny Duffy.

Duffy is on a team-friendly deal that has four years remaining on it, providing a lot of future WAR to a team willing to help provide a boost to Kansas City’s farm system.

As for a surprise Royals run ... it wouldn’t be boosted much by dealing prospects from the barren system. More likely, it would be a lower-tier prospect or two and a willingness to take on some money.

Royals rookie reliever Kevin Lenik once signed autographs after being hit in the face by a line drive.

Neil Walker signs with the Yankees.

Jeff Passan writes that this off-season shows that the players are definitely losing under the new labor deal.

Why Jake Arrieta didn’t get the payday he expected.

How to avoid the post-breakout year trap from players.

Is the starting pitcher going extinct?

The Orioles will allow kids nine and under in free.

Peter Gamons writes that the leadership culture has changed dramatically in baseball for the better.

Diamondbacks pitcher Taijuan Walker hands out free tacos.

The Astros’ visit to the White House had some awkward moments.

The new NCAA tournament selection show is ruining one of the best days in sports.

The tournament is full of losers, says Jon Bois.

The IPO for Dropbox could value the company at $7 billion.

Some of the craziest moments from the show OJ Simpson: The Lost Confessions.

Westworld’s creators want online fan theories to guide the second season.

Your song of the day is Simon & Garunkel with The Only Living Boy in New York.