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Spring Training Game 19 Thread: Cubs vs. Royals

Kansas City takes on Ben Zobrist, Blaise Royal, and the Chicago Cubbies.

Chicago Cubs Photo Day
Benny Z!
Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Ben Zobrist, everyone’s favorite Kansas City Royal for half a season, named his daughter Blaise Royal. Seriously! I keep thinking about that whenever I think about Zobrist or the Chicago Cubs in general. That’s going to be a fun story to tell her.

“Daddy, why is my middle name ‘Royal?’ Am I a princess?”

“You’re the princess of my heart, Blaise.”

“You didn’t answer my question, Daddy.”

“Well, I once played baseball for the best city in the world. I won a championship with them. I named you after the team because I loved them so much, but not enough to re-sign with them in the offseason.”

“That’s weird, Daddy.”

“Well, maybe. Want to go find your teddy bear, Cubbie? I thought I saw our cat, Ray, sitting next to him earlier.”

“Mm. Daddy, do we have anything named after the A’s?”

“Name something an ‘athletic?’ that’s a bridge too far, dear.”